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PITOOEY!, Inc. (PTOO) Digital Marketing Services Are Nothing to Spit at

Digital marketing agency PITOOEY! offers a variety of products and services to help enhance communication between businesses and their desired audiences. The company provides social and mobile marketing products and services through its wholly owned subsidiaries: PITOOEY! Mobile, which provides the company’s flagship mobile app, PITOOEY!; and Choice One Mobile, which offers mobile marketing.

PITOOEY! Mobile, Inc. boasts the first consumer-centered, profile-based search engine within a mobile app, which assists users in creating the most efficient, organized, and rewarding business-to-consumer interaction experience possible. After logging into the PITOOEY! app, users create personalized profiles of their favorite businesses through an easy-to-use search and subscribe feature, which enables them to receive deals and updates and stay connected with their favorite businesses.

Choice One Mobile, Inc., PITOOEY!’s digital and social media and marketing subsidiary, offers a customizable, made-to-fit design strategy that encompasses each client’s unique digital marketing needs. Choice One Mobile’s services are ideal for businesses that want to establish a credible Web presence in an area they’ve already penetrated, or that desire to leverage existing knowledge about their target consumers for maximum profitability.

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