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PITOOEY!, Inc. (PTOO) Announces Rapid Customer Base Growth

PITOOEY!, a complete digital marketing agency, today announced the ongoing, substantial expansion of its customer base.

Choice One Mobile, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, has added more than 350 unique customers for the quarter ending June 30, 2013. Most of these customers are enrolled in either a monthly recurring payment plan or a prepaid plan for service over a specific number of months. As indicated by the significant increase in revenue and gross profit reported earlier this month, Choice One Mobile is now one of the key growth drivers of PITOOEY!.

“We are particularly proud of our Choice One Mobile sales force and experienced social media consultants. Our team attracts and enlists customers by customizing specific programs and services to meet their varying requirements,” stated CEO, Jacob DiMartino. “Importantly, the relationship with our customers does not end with securing their account. An ongoing relationship is established and reinforced through continual individual monitoring and adjustment of the account.”

The global digital marketing industry is expected to reach over $160 billion by 2016, according to eMarketer. As a complete digital marketing agency, PITOOEY! is uniquely positioned to capitalize with an array of products and services to enhance communication between businesses and their target audiences. The company provides a variety of social media and mobile marketing services to small-sized and medium-sized businesses via its wholly owned subsidiaries: PITOOEY! Mobile, Inc. and Choice One Mobile, Inc.

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