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OxySure Systems, Inc. (OXYS) Gaining Global Marketplace Traction

OxySure Systems is a Texas-based medical technology company that designs, manufactures, and distributes specialty respiratory and medical solutions. The company is the creator of a groundbreaking medical technology that allows oxygen to be delivered on demand, via the instantaneous creation of medically pure oxygen from two dry, inert powders. Since the product is revolutionary, is easy to operate, does not require specialized care or maintenance, and has potential to become a mainstream medical device, it is already gaining traction in the global medical device marketplace.

OxySure Systems’ launch product, the OxySure Model 615, uses this technology to enable parents, passersby, or even victims to administer oxygen when it is needed in a medical emergency. The machine model is already an FDA-cleared model that has been installed and used in multiple facilities across the United States. A user only has to turn a knob, and the OxySure Model 615 is ready for instant use. The product is already gaining the attention of many inside and outside the medical technology industry, having received numerous accolades such as the Tech Titans Innovation Award in 2008 and MedVentures Award in 2011. It does not require a prescription for over-the-counter sale, either.

The global market potential for the OxySure Model 615 has been put at over 500 million units, with locations such as school campuses, manufacturing facilities, churches, and restaurants being mentioned as prospective places for product placement and installation. OxySure Systems has also been investigating the viability of the OxySure Model 615 being placed in more unique locations such as recreational vehicles. With the strong potential to become used as a mainstream medical device, the machine model may become as standard a medical unit in these locations as the fire extinguisher or the automated external defibrillator. End markets for the OxySure Model 615 in the United States alone could edge into the installment of over 100 million machine model units.

OxySure Systems has created a recurring revenue model with this machine model, as it possesses reusable hosing and a replaceable cartridge that must be replaced after each use or the end of a two-year shelf life. As more units are introduced into more global locations, this can turn into a stronger recurring revenues model. Additionally, the company’s oxygen creation technology gives it the capacity for other vertical markets as well.

Currently, OxySure Systems is seeking to further its product’s global presence through the establishment and leveraging of key partnerships with global distributors and large original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

This month has been a busy one for OxySure Systems. It just finished exhibiting at the world’s largest medical device tradeshow, the Medica 2013 Trade Fair. Taking place over four days, the convention reportedly attracted around 130,000 attendees a day. OxySure Systems subsequently received many inquiries about and distributor interest in its oxygen-providing technology. The company also solidified partnership deals with distributors in Hong Kong, Macau, and Chile. There is room for further distributive deals from the conference as well.

During Q3 2013, the company reported sales had jumped 428 percent. An early-December Wall Street Cheat Sheet article noted OxySure Systems as being an emerging attractive investment opportunity in the evolving marketplace of healthcare. Since it is an over-the-counter product, the OxySure Model 615 likely will not feature the medical device tax imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

With the OxySure Model 615 sporting groundbreaking oxygen-creating technology as its foundation and having potential to emerge as a mainstream medical device, OxySure Systems is on the road to gaining strong global marketplace growth.

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