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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Brings Innovative Smart Tech Products to Pet Care Market

Smart technology has become an integral part of our lives, from our phones, computers and watches to our cars and homes, which now have more features and can do more than even the smartest computer could 20 years ago. It was an expected and natural step that we carried this passion for smart tech and interconnectivity over to the pet industry as well. Intelligent pet products such as the ones offered by leading pet care solutions provider OurPet’s Company, Inc. (OTCQX: OPCO) are becoming increasingly common, as they enable pet parents to develop a stronger bond with their pets for more complete care and closer monitoring of their health and behavior.

Pet tech has been developing at a rapid pace on a growing market that now has a propensity for high-end products, including state-of-the-art gadgets and premium feeding solutions. This is largely owed to the fact that many pet owners now see their furry friends as actual family members and treat them as such, sparing no expense. The industry has responded to the trend by offering better products, improved formulas and, now, smart tech-powered solutions for every pet. Manufacturers have already rolled out a wide range of high-tech pet products on the market, ranging from smart training collars that allow even remote training to radio-frequency operated flap doors, automatic ball launchers for dogs, and smart feeding bowls that count calories or only open for a specific pet.

Ohio-based OurPet’s Company has already joined the smart pet tech movement with its own line of smart products designed to offer enhanced care and help owners closely monitor their pets’ health. The OurPets® Intelligent Pet Care™ product line ( offers a complete range of intelligent pet health monitoring products based on Bluetooth® technology. These products enable owners to keep in touch with their pets and be aware of any changes in their behavior via the IntelligentPetLink™ smartphone app, available for download for both Android and iOS.

The Intelligent Pet Care™ product line includes products such as the SmartLink™ Feeder – Intelligent Pet Bowl ( and the SmartLink™ Waterer – Intelligent Water Fountain (, designed to give your dog or cat the ability to communicate that they may have a health issue by monitoring the key indicators of pet health. The systems communicate with a tag that can be attached to your pet’s collar, and they give access to food or water only when they detect that tag in the vicinity. This makes the SmartLink™ Feeder and Waterer ideal for households with multiple pets or for pets who are on special diets and monitoring of their eating and drinking habits can help the pet parent better understand any health issues with their pet that may arise.

Other products in the Intelligent Pet Care™ line include the SmartScoop® – Intelligent Litter Box (, which monitors elimination behavior and uses infrared technology to detect when your cat uses the litter and engages a scoop mechanism to scoop the waste and keep the box clean. Also available are the SmartLink™ Tag ( and the SmartLink™ Gateway – WiFi Pet Care Connector ( that converts a Bluetooth® signal into Wi-Fi signals so as to enable owners to monitor their pet’s activity outside the house.

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