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LightPath Technologies, Inc. (LPTH) is “One to Watch”

Over the past 50 years, there has been a steady move toward the use of light and other near-light electromagnetic wave related technologies for everything from high-speed communication to medical analysis and treatment. With advantages that light has over electricity in certain applications, and with new applications being developed, it’s a move that is expected to continue and even accelerate. LightPath Technologies, based in Florida, has been a consistent driver of this development.

LightPath specializes in what is called aspheric optics, essentially optical lenses that have more complex shapes than simple spherical or cylindrical type lenses. Such lenses can avoid optical aberrations common in simple lenses, and, as a result, can effectively replace traditional multi-lens systems that are more complex and bulky.

Aspheric lens assemblies are important for medical, industrial, defense, and communication applications. The company provides optical products covering the spectral range from UV to long wave infrared (LWIR), including molded aspheric optics, thermal imaging infrared lenses and assemblies, GRADIUM® optics, fiber collimators, and optical isolators, and can combine various optical elements into complete optical assemblies. In addition, LightPath is TUV ISO 9001 and SGS 9001:2000 certified.

LightPath began in 1985 with the invention of GRADIUM® glass, an axial gradient index glass used for cost-effective high power laser systems, and has continued to grow organically with technological developments and through key acquisitions. The company’s customer base represents a diverse mix of industrial, military, and medical applications. LightPath optical and mechanical engineers work directly with clients to ensure proper integration of optical products into the final system. The company also has full automation capabilities for final production once the design is completed.

LightPath has facilities at their world headquarters in Research Park at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, as well as in Shanghai, China.

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