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GreenHouse Holdings, Inc. (GRHU) is “One to Watch”

In much the same way that companies specializing in information technology can help design, integrate, implement, and maintain IT systems for client businesses, there is a growing industry focused on helping businesses go green. The advantage, of course, is far more than a sense of sustaining the environment for future generations. Going green can have a significant positive impact on energy costs, as well as ensuring that government requirements and guidelines are being met.

A prime example of an expanding environmental technology support company is GreenHouse Holdings, Inc., based in San Diego. GreenHouse designs, engineers, and installs products and technologies that reduce energy costs and carbon footprint for the residential, commercial, industrial, government, and military markets. The goal is always to enable clients to monitor and control their energy costs, producing persistent technical and financial results, a foundational benefit that continues to give. With their knowledge of efficient building technologies, the company is also able to provide rapidly deployable facilities for use in disaster relief and security in austere environments, and their products represent a mix of capabilities for both permanent and temporary facilities and situations.

GreenHouse’s portfolio includes a variety of energy efficient products, energy management systems, eco-friendly infrastructure, scalable bio-fuel, and proprietary technologies. Flagship products include waste-to-fuel ethanol systems, a ready-to-deploy infrastructure of eco-friendly buildings and systems called the Green Village, RDU (Rapidly Deployable Unit) buildings that can be set up or taken down in less than an hour, and the 1-Link system for quickly integrating communications between diverse emergency providers. Regardless of the application, GreenHouse is now considered a leader in global sustainability systems integration.

In May, GreenHouse was awarded a $151 million contract to build a national security training center, the biggest contract in the company’s history. The Carlstrom National Security Training Center will be built in Central Florida, and was awarded to GreenHouse’s subsidiary, Life Protection, Inc., by the Pinnacle Performance Group. The center will be used by various military and government emergency response organizations, and will provide simulated training scenarios and classroom-based learning. It will take three years to complete.

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