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National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (NWMH) Sees Growth in Shingles Recycling

National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NWMH), a vertically integrated solid waste management company, sees growth momentum in the next year for the recycling of shingles as both a fuel resource and asphalt blend. Revenues may, literally, hit the roof.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (, about 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are manufactured and disposed of in the United States annually. A majority of the post-consumer shingle waste, the EPA said, comes from residential sites. The EPA says that asphalt shingles can be recycled into hot and cold mix asphalt or into a fuel source. In a relatively new concept not yet fully developed for commercial use, they can also be used in shingle-to-shingle recycling, the EPA reports.

National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. is a growth-by-acquisition company that offers a variety of services for full waste disposal and recycling. It is based in Florida, but also has operations in upstate New York. It maintains a 54-acre landfill in Hernando, Florida, which accepts waste from construction sites. The company offers roll-off dumpsters and a comprehensive program of waste collection services. It specializes in recycling, which turns some recycled waste into retail mulching materials. Long term, the company hopes to expand its market to include the entire east coast of the U.S.

National Waste projects exponential growth in the coming years for the recycling of shingles. The company plans on adding a portable picking station at its landfill in order to increase its concrete recycling program by 25%. Overall, the portable picking station is expected to boost National Waste’s recyclables rate, the company said. National Waste also sells ground wood product to bio-mass energy plants. Additionally, the company markets a line of its own mulch and garden mulch from reclaimed wood at its landfill for residential or commercial use.

Having a diverse revenue stream and an aggressive acquisition strategy, National Waste Management Holdings has committed itself to completing at least one takeover in each quarter. In December 2016, it announced the acquisition of Northeast Data Destruction and Recycling, LLC, based in Kingston, New York. That transaction closed on December 31, 2016.

While National Waste is growing by acquisition, it is also targeting vertical integration. The company said that it is performing due diligence on several companies for possible future takeovers in early 2017.

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