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National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (NWMH) is Increasing Shareholder Value with Roll-Up Strategy

With over 40 years of relevant industry experience, National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NWMH) is on a roll. The company continues to execute a roll-up strategy that is paying huge dividends. Since 2014, NWMH has executed five M&A transactions, which have resulted in an increased customer base, a wider menu of services and a bigger top line. Now, the company is focused on increasing shareholder value by squeezing synergies from those acquisitions.

NWMH’s roll-up strategy took off on June 16, 2014, after a reverse merger with Sand/Land of Florida Enterprises, Inc. (“Sandland”), which then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NWMH. Sandland is a solid waste management company currently operating a licensed construction & demolition (C&D) landfill, with primary operations near Tampa, Florida.

On October 15, 2015, NWMH followed up with the acquisition of Waste Recovery Enterprises, LLC (“WRE”). WRE offers residential trash pickup, commercial and residential dumpster service and roll-off boxes for construction and clean-up projects. The company has a transfer station that accepts C&D debris, household trash, furniture and appliances. The company also offers wood grinding, demolition, and mulch and gravel services. Its primary operations are based near Binghamton, New York.

Then, on December 1, 2015, NWMH acquired Gateway Rolloff Services, LP (“Gateway”), a company with its major operations near Tampa, Florida. Gateway offers commercial and residential dumpster service and roll-off boxes for construction and clean-up projects and specializes in the removal of debris, garbage and waste, particularly as it relates to hauling construction and demolition debris. The Gateway subsidiary is focused on servicing general contractors, new home builders, reconstruction, renovation, landscaping and home improvement professionals.

These two major acquisitions turned NWMH into a full service solid waste management company with operations in Florida and New York, but the expansion continued. In May 2016, NWMH acquired Sivart Services, LLC a roll-off and compactor company located in Worchester, NY, in an all cash transaction. The acquisition expanded NWMH’s footprint in the Northeast and, by linking to the company’s permitted waste facility in Bainbridge, NY, has yielded tremendous synergies.

Earlier this year, NWMH announced another acquisition. On December 31, 2016, the company inked a deal to acquire Northeast Data Destruction and Recycling, LLC, located in Kingston, New York. The transaction was in line with the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy calling for at least one acquisition per quarter. Through this rapid strategic expansion, National Waste Management aims to effectively diversify its revenue streams while moving toward full vertical integration.

NWMH is now a full service waste management company offering landfill, transfer station, garbage collection and container services for both the commercial and residential markets in Central Florida and Upstate New York. NWMH processes approximately 200,000 cubic yards of construction debris per year at its 54-acre landfill facility. The company started operations with one roll-off truck and now operates 13 roll-off trucks and approximately 800 containers. Since the year 2000, NWMH has maintained a contract with Citrus County Solid Waste Management landfill to back-up its roll-off trucks.

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