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National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (NWMH) Following a Proven Path of Success

Almost everyone has seen the cartoon of a big fish gobbling up a smaller fish then getting gobbled up itself by an even larger fish. On Wall Street, growth through acquisitions has typically proved to be immensely popular for every size fish. However, successful accretive acquisitions require experienced management, extensive due diligence, and careful consolidation to unify the entities to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

With an objective of four acquisitions per year, National Waste Management Holdings (OTC: NWMH), has been adding synergistic assets at a torrid pace. National Waste Management is a vertically-integrated solid waste management company that in just over 18 months has acquired Waste Recovery Enterprises, Gateway Rolloff Services, Sivart Services, Northeast Data Destruction & Recycling, and Burts Refuse. While consistently increasing organic revenues, the company has vastly broadened its footprint and gained economies of scale with each targeted acquisition, with the results reflected in its year-over-year 2016 triple-digit revenue growth.

With a focus on further strategic expansion, National Waste Management currently operates in Florida and New York. The company provides comprehensive solutions for waste diversion including landfill services, roll-off dumpster operations, commercial and residential collections, transfer station operations, trucking and grinding, mulch sales, paper shredding and hard drive destruction services. While managing waste from inception to final disposal, National Waste still maintains a proactive approach to the environmental concerns of its business and actively works to recycle more and reduce landfill waste.

The company’s strategy is strikingly similar to the one employed by Wayne Huizenga in 1968 when he founded Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM) and began aggressively purchasing smaller waste collection services across the country. It has since gone on to become the largest waste management company in the country and to this day still actively seeks strategic acquisitions nationwide (

Using its own metrics, National Waste Management is following a proven path of success as it continues to grow both organically and through accretive acquisitions. The company has charted a course of expansion and has shown skillful execution in implementation. However, the industry, the path, the success and the similarities beg the question, how long does National Waste Management swallow other businesses before it becomes a target itself?

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