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Monaker Group’s (MKGI) ROTH Conference Presentation Details How Mark Travel Partnership Will Deliver a Marketing Advantage

Monaker Group, Inc. (OTCQB: MKGI), in its March 15, 2017, presentation at the ROTH Conference (, said that its B2B and B2C site,, will be enhanced in 2Q2017 and its wholesale travel partner, Mark Travel (, is an important element of its strategic advantage.

Monaker Group is a high technology travel provider that offers users an all-in-one site with artificial intelligence that provides conventional travel, alternative leisure rentals (ALR), and a library of videos to help consumers and businesses choose their plans. The booking engine offers real-time digital data and reduces the time it takes to book diverse travel from hours to minutes, the company said in its ROTH Presentation slide deck.

The company said Mark Travel, through its Trisept Solutions technology firm, will power Monaker Group’s NextTrip and offer expanded product offerings and distribution. Monaker Group said Mark Travel offers both B2B and B2C advantages. In B2B, it offers its VAX XML link to more than 200 companies. Its VAX VacationAccess system is a portal for more than 70,000 travel agents and greater than 50 leisure travel suppliers, together accounting for more than $1 billion in annual bookings. In B2C, Mark Travel offers Monaker Group preferential pricing for air, car, hotel, and ground activities. It will also offer integration with its travel-linked artificial intelligence platform.

“Trisept has the most advanced technology available for leisure vacation packaging today,” commented Bill Kerby, chairman and CEO of Monaker Group. “Expanding NextTrip’s capabilities and access to agents and consumers will accelerate our growth and differentiate us from our competition.”

In addition to the technological advantages, Monaker Group’s marketing efforts are set to benefit from partnering with wholesaler Mark Travel. At $3 billion in annual sales, Mark Travel is the largest wholesaler of travel in North America. It owns Funjet Vacations, founded in 1974, which specializes in personalized and independent vacations for groups and individuals.

Mark Travel’s other brands include Southwest Vacations, United Vacations, Mark International, Showtime Tours, Blue Sky Tours, and My Destination Wellness. The company offers service to more than 1,100 destinations globally and specializes in end-to-end travel service for its clients.

To Monaker Group, Mark Travel offers Trisept Solutions, a high technology travel platform through which it offers several other booking advantages. These include VAX VacationAccess, a $1 billion booking engine that brings together more than 70,000 travel agents with more than 50 leisure travel suppliers. Also, Mark Travel brings its Xcelerator agency platform with artificial intelligence. Its Synapse provides back office travel functions on a secure and seamless platform, Monaker Group added.

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