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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) on Schedule with Denami Sales Growth

Methes Energies recently announced reception of a deposit from island-based biodiesel project developer, Antilla Energy VBA (formerly BioFuel Aruba), to start manufacturing a new Denami 600 unit destined for one of Antilla’s facilities in Aruba. MEIL is a provider of a range of products and services to the biodiesel sector. These products include, but are not limited to, low-cost, fully-automated continuous flow biodiesel processors that are able to run on a wide variety of feedstocks. These processors are formally known as the Denami 600 and Denami 3000.

Scheduled for delivery by September 2014, the new Denami 600 unit will be used to process locally collected waste cooking oil, which will then be blended with diesel before being distributed island-wide. Biodiesel activist and Managing Director of Antilla Energy, Gregory Fung-A-Fat, explained that while there was an extensive due diligence process, Antilla is now ready for their first Denami from Methes and they are well positioned for future purchases of several additional units.

With the first Denami 600 unit anticipated to produce six million gallons per year for Antilla at their Aruba location, there are four additional units slated for activation pending market conditions conducive to their implementation. Director, Fung-A-Fat assured markets that Antilla was already poised to execute on growth of their production plans via new Denami hardware acquisitions in a cost effective manner.

The company’s clientele benefits from a unique business model, which is comparable to the support provided in the fast food business by the Franchisor. Methes provides its clients with comprehensive support and assistance throughout the necessary steps involved in setting up their facility. These steps include obtaining permits, acquiring government incentives, and site layout planning, to name a few. Subsequently, MEIL helps its clients with the day-to-day operation of their business by providing everything needed for their biodiesel production, including feedstock, methanol, and catalyst. The company also handles the sale of its clients’ biodiesel production. Complemented with a full-time remote online monitoring system, the company contends there is no other equipment provider who can claim this type of support.

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