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Quantumsphere, Inc. (QSIM) Starts Presentation at LD Micro Conference

Quantumsphere, Inc. (OTC: QSIM) develops, manufactures, and distributes highly engineered catalytic solutions and end-use products for large industrial chemicals applications. QSI’s advanced catalysts have superior properties including their spherical shape, controlled oxide layer, and very large surface area. This can translate into greater efficiency in the generation, storage, and use of energy. QSI is a platform technology and products company, with the products made possible through its patented, automated, and ISO-compliant manufacturing process combined with more than a decade of research with industry leading customers and commercial development partners around the globe. For more information, visit the company’s website at

The three-day LD Micro Invitational in Bel Air, California, features company presentations from more than 200 select high-potential small-cap companies spanning multiple industries. Institutional and retail investors in attendance also have access to numerous networking opportunities and social events to learn more about these companies. For more information on LD Micro, visit
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