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Inventergy, Inc. (INVT) Expands Telecommunications Coverage with Newly Issued Data Transmission Enhancement Patent

Today, intellectual property licensing company Inventergy Global announced the strengthening of its presence in the global telecommunications industry with its new patent, US Patent Number 9,015,546 (4/21/2015). The patent is now part of the company’s substantial telecommunications portfolios acquired from Nokia, Panasonic and Huawei.

The newly issued ‘546 patent is titled “AUTOMATIC RETRANSMISSION REQUEST CONTROL SYSTEM AND RETRANSMISSION METHOD IN MIMO-OFDM SYSTEM,” and the covered technology helps improve data throughput performance. As an example, an invention described in the ‘546 patent enhances data throughput performance in various telecommunications systems by improving accuracy in the retransmission of signals and reducing the number of retransmission requests.

Joe Beyers, CEO of Inventergy, said, “The technology covered by the ‘546 patent provides further valuable advances in data throughput performance, a key for telecommunication service providers delivering ever-better service to their customers. Inventergy has developed processes to establish, maintain, and expand upon its IP portfolio. The addition of high quality, technologically relevant patents increases the value of the Company and its assets.”

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