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Inventergy Global, Inc. (INVT) Takes Action to Strengthen Financial Management and Investor Relations Practices

Today before the opening bell, Inventergy Global announced the strengthening of its financial management and investor relations processes with the goal of improving operational effectiveness and reducing fixed operating costs. As part of these changes, John Niedermaier has become Inventergy’s new CFO and the previous internal Investor Relations role has been replaced with an enhanced relationship with IRTH Communications. Mr. Niedermaier brings extensive experience in financial management and public company compliance, and IRTH Communications adds decades of public market experience.

“Inventergy’s core competencies lie in the licensing and acquisition of intellectual property,” stated Joe Beyers, Chairman and CEO of Inventergy. “This improvement allows us to keep our focus on these core areas, as we drive forward on our licensing programs. With these changes, we can efficiently leverage a breadth of external and flexible skill sets and resources for our financial management and investor relations/public relations processes.”

According to today’s press release, the change in the company’s financial management was also made to address recent recommendations made by its auditors. As part of the new initiatives to engage with investors, the company plans to participate in key upcoming investor and industry conferences in Los Angeles and New York, and in targeted roadshows in other cities. In addition, CEO Beyers will be presenting on Tuesday, June 16th at the IPBC Global 2015 conference in San Francisco.

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