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Net Element’s (NETE) Secret Sauce for Restaurateurs, Aptito, Goes Fully Retail

The Aptito iPad point-of-sale system from Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) has been tickling the fancy of diners all over with its digitally presented menus. In dining establishments that are adapting to a world increasingly reliant on digital technology, instead of a menu printed on laminated paper stock, a customer can view the menu electronically displayed on a tablet. That digital menu is part of the Aptito platform, which made its debut in 2011. However, there’s more to Aptito than electronic menus. The platform is a comprehensive All-in-One Digital Network Solution for retail businesses of all kinds.

The Aptito system aims to use mobility to put managers and staff in control. For example, with Aptito, waiting staff in restaurants won’t be running back and forth between customers and a stand-alone payments terminal. With Aptito’s Point-of-Sale Mobile Communicator, staff are able to receive and send orders directly from their iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone from table side or anywhere in the restaurant. The Aptito Full Station package includes an iPad, an iPad enclosure, credit card swiper, cash drawer, local server, and both kitchen and receipt printers. The system comes with a visual interface that is fast and simple to use. Staff can be trained in 15 minutes or less.

Wait staff carrying the Aptito Mobile Communicator enhance the customer experience by allowing them to instantly request their server or the bill with a simple touch. This creates an unprecedented level of customer service and an opportunity to grow sales. Aptito’s secured antitheft tablet enclosures can be wall-mounted close to tables, enabling the customers to send orders to their waiter or to the kitchen at any time during their dining experience.

And, of course, Aptito displays menus digitally on the screen of the visual interface instead of on print material. Customers can view the dishes and fully customize their orders, add comments, and see nutritional information. The Aptito platform offers up-selling opportunities, as well, by presenting customers with wine-pairing choices and dish recommendations.

The image of an entrée or dish on the screen can be enlarged simply by touching. In addition, menus can be viewed in the language of choice. This increases the ability to market to tourists, since menus can be read in their native languages.

Aptito also has a Rating System that asks guests to provide feedback at the end of their meal and add their comments. This information is stored in the Aptito Management System for internal use, which, in some cases, is much better that having it broadcast online or on social media. This private feedback gives managers the ability to nuance their offerings in response to customers’ comments.

Net Element is a global technology company that specializes in mobile payments and value-added transactional services. The company owns and operates a global mobile payments and transactional processing provider, TOT Group, Inc., which in turn owns and markets the following brands: Unified Payments, Aptito, Restoactive, Digital Provider and PayOnline.

In 2012, Unified Payments was lauded by Inc. Magazine as the Fastest Growing Company in America. Restoactive is a seamless digital add-ons for legacy point-of-sale systems. Digital Provider is a leading provider of SMS messaging and mobile billing solutions. PayOnline is a fully-integrated, processor agnostic electronic commerce platform.

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