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Net Element, Inc. (NETE) Robust TOT Platform a One-Stop Shop for Full Spectrum Payment Processing, Risk Management & Business Analytics

Net Element, which is primarily focused on mobile payments, payment processing and value-added services via their TOT Group family of companies, is poised for serious growth with their unique browser-based software platform for rapidly integrating secure payment processing into existing web apps, as well as their overarching TOT Platform, an omni-channel, market-spanning transactional platform for handling mobile payments billing. The rise of NFC payments (near-field communications), powered by smartphones interacting with payment terminals at stores, is having a transformative impact on the commercial landscape and creating a new paradigm of walletless phone-powered transactions.

Recent market analysis by WorldPay projects credit and debit card payments will continue to decline as a percentage of the overall payment processing market in coming years, receding by over 16% in the next three years alone, as e-commerce and e-wallets displace more and more of the antiquated card-based transactions. WorldPay sees e-wallets evening out with credit and debit cards and then progressing ahead as the dominant format through 2017, when they estimate the dollar value of global processing using the new methods will soar to around $1.6T. Of course, a big part of this evolution will be dependent on the emergence of specialized mobile payment solutions keeping up with the growing market penetration of smartphones, and this dynamic creates a huge opportunity for transaction platform developers and service providers like NETE.

The TOT Platform allows companies to fully outsource the payment and risk management requirements needed to execute Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Level 1-compliant solutions, with a dynamic hosted page featuring multiple payment methods. With such architecture at their disposal, NETE client companies can easily roll out new mobile payment solutions that are universally accessible with ease and the simplicity of new merchant onboarding means the sky is the limit when it comes to getting new, even small merchants up and running in no time flat.

Moreover, the TOT Platform has a powerful business intelligence backend that allows for rigorous data analysis and reporting; a business intelligence backend which simultaneously eliminates the need for an often quite expensive customer support console, since typical support functionality is built right into the TOT Platform’s dashboard. From risk reduction and loss prevention, to supply chain or logistical optimization, TOT Platform’s highly flexible toolset grants merchants real-time situational awareness over their day-to-day operations, enabling them to execute new efficiency strategies, or identify and capitalize on hidden opportunities, or even those that were hiding in plain sight before the platform’s implementation.

Monitoring transactions in real-time, as well as keeping tabs on factors like acceptance and chargeback rates (along with the reasons for them), gives merchants the power to recognize potential conflicts or operational roadblocks almost immediately. The long-term analytical might of the platform allows business owners to go even further, rapidly drilling down into the merchant channels to find out exactly what is happening. With risk management features like complete data validation, as well as built-in basic, third-party and dynamic/intelligent risk checks, and even a comprehensive credit assessment bench (including tools like 3-D Secure, Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value), the TOT Platform can help eliminate much of the standard risk factors encountered in the industry.

All of this sets up the platform’s provider routing gateway for global payment processing, TOT Gateway (which already has over 250 payment processors linked to it), quite well indeed. TOT Gateway is adaptable too, enabling payment processing using traditional, as well as alternative payment methods, with full support for real or even virtual currencies. These capabilities make the TOT Gateway component of the TOT Platform more than a mere global payment routing gateway, they make it the biggest and one of the fastest growing global networks of such payment providers in existence today.

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