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Net Element, Inc. (NETE) – Mobile Solutions for the Globe

Net Element is a leading technology-driven company focused on mobile payments and value-added transactional services. The company powers commerce for businesses of varying sizes with its application program interfaces which serve as tools for building software applications. Net Element also drives growth for its clients by enabling commerce with secure and scalable solutions which simplify business operations.

Net Element is striving to transform the online and mobile experience by employing the most innovative and powerful tools on the web, including a multi-channel platform and an all-in-one digital solution that emphasizes security. In fact, one of the company’s key offerings is a payments-as-a-service platform for small to medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in the United States, Russia and other international markets.

Net Element maintains offices in Miami, Florida and Russia. Within the United States, it aims to grow transactional revenue by innovating SME productivity services such as its cloud-based, restaurant point-of-sale solution, Aptito. Globally, the company intends to leverage its omni-channel platform to deliver flexible offerings to emerging markets with disparate banking, regulatory and demographic conditions (e.g. India, Kazakhstan, Latin America and the United Arab Emirates).

Net Element invests in growth opportunities in order to further revolutionize the global transactional service market. These investments support the company as it evolves and expands its service offerings and operations. They also attract the financial resources the company needs to attract top customers and build upon its state-of-the-art platform for mobile commerce, direct carrier billing and payment processing.

In light of a recent capital infusion, Net Element’s primary goal in the second half of 2015 is to integrate the value-added technologies offered by its pending acquisition, PayOnline, with its US offerings and to execute on its objective to become a premier payments-as-a-service company with a centralized, omni-channel, global platform. The company spent the first half of the year finalizing a deal that culminated in the financing of at least $10.5 million as well as creating the infrastructure that was needed to sustain its rapidly growing businesses.

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