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GreeneStone Healthcare, Inc. (GRST) Has a Powerful Unpaid Sales Force

Word-of-mouth marketing is arguably the most effective method of persuading members of a target market to give a product a try. A satisfied customer can be the most influential voice a company can have, since they represent an unbiased opinion based upon first-hand experience. A single positive experience, or single negative experience, can become magnified through word-of-mouth, influencing multiple prospects to try, or avoid, a product or service. A satisfied customer can, in effect, be a company’s most successful and dependable sales person, even though they are totally unpaid.

In the case of GreeneStone Healthcare, the word-of-mouth effect is especially significant. GreeneStone’s Executive Healthcare service provides company client executives with seamless access to an integrated team of medical, counseling, coaching, and addiction experts to help companies keep their key players out of trouble and on top of their game. Corporate movers and shakers are exactly the kind of influential supportive voice a company wants in the marketplace, able to get the word out to not only other executives but entire organizations. They represent industrial decision makers that may go from company to company over the course of their career, sometimes even starting their own companies. Having such people on your unpaid team is worth a world of advertising, and can cultivate territories long before a company has even decided to expand there.

In addition, the relationship of GreeneStone with such executive clients is a special and deep one, based upon sometimes profound life-changing events. Imagine the power of a customer whose life your services may have actually saved. That’s the kind of front-end that GreeneStone has benefited from as it extends its reach, with expectations for major corporate expansion over the next few years.

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