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Golden Matrix Group Inc. (NASDAQ: GMGI) Leverages AI-Powered Platform to Maximize Online Gaming Profits

  • iGaming customer acquisition costs rising, reducing operator profitability
  • GMGI offers AI-powered iGaming software that provides partners with customer data that boosts monetization strategies, increases player retention
  • System generates skill and game-preference data that enables operators to offer incentives that prolong activity and increase returns

Golden Matrix Group (NASDAQ: GMGI), a developer and licensor of online gaming platforms, systems, and gaming content, leverages the power of AI to maximize profits for its growing B2B customer base.

The company offers highly modular, configurable, turnkey, and white label gaming platforms that are compatible with all major browsers, operating systems, and devices.  With a focus on maximizing value for partner companies, GMGI integrates AI-powered tools into their systems that facilitate user acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization. 

Customer acquisition cost is a primary factor driving growth and market share acquisition for iGaming businesses. According to Enteractive, an iGaming marketing company, costs to acquire a player range from $280 to $1400 per customer ( At the same time, advertising costs such as pay-per-click (“PPC”) are rising rapidly, creating profitability concerns in an increasingly saturated market.

Golden Matrix offers AI-powered solutions that provide a substantial competitive advantage to their partners, enabling them to boost revenues and increase customer retention. 

“We provide the tools that change their world,” said Golden Matrix CEO Brian Goodman in a recent interview ( “Often people say to me, ‘What makes you different from other systems?’…well the difference is in our loyalty systems…our products provide these tools, artificial intelligence, loyalty tools, bonus and free spins. 

“Once you pay all this money for a client, then you better ensure you have these tools to get this money from these clients because what you have is much more powerful than a land-based situation. You have a computer or an iPhone in somebody’s living room and you’ve got a lot of information on these people. What happens is that you use these tools to determine what the player skill levels are, how long they spend in the casino, what they like to play. All of these items or pieces of marketing that we provide in our system is critical to survival.”  

GMGI’s AI-powered tools are built into their GM-X Turnkey, GM-X White Label, and GM-X Direct Integration solutions. GM-X Turnkey is a complete software package that integrates thousands of games from leading content providers and includes a full suite of tools that allow operators to operate and maintain an online gaming website. The company’s GM-X White Label solution enables operators to start an online gaming platform from scratch with licensing, accounting, management, support, and gaming content. GMGI’s GM-X Direct Integration Solution provides complete access to the company’s gaming portfolio and acts as an integration layer between the operator and content provider on top of the GM-X aggregation system. 

Golden Matrix Group is the leading provider of turnkey and white label gaming platforms, Esports technology, and gaming content. The company pioneers highly modular, configurable, and scalable AI-powered gaming platforms that work on all major operating systems and devices, offering partners a distinct competitive advantage in the iGaming industry. 

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