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GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) and the World Computer

Cloud technology, in its many and varied manifestations, is becoming as big a revolution for the Internet as the Internet itself has been for business and personal communication. Computers by themselves allow us to store and process tremendous amounts of information on a local basis. The Internet has allowed us to link the world’s computers, effectively replacing the information on our local computer with virtually unlimited information through the global computer network.

Today, cloud technology is pursuing the next logical step, allowing us to capture and utilize not just information but processing functionality from all over the world. In effect, we are taking the critical first steps toward creating a truly world computer, unbounded by geographical location or local resources, where even the smallest organizations have access to big data and big processing. These initial steps are already providing cost savings and capabilities that are driving a growing demand for cloud technology, an industry that is now expected to approach $50 billion within the next several years.

GlobalWise Investments, through its Intellinetics subsidiary, offers a good example of the power of the cloud to make life easier and more productive for commercial and government entities. Intellinetics Intellivue Document Management Platform is an intelligent ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology platform that easily integrates into a company’s current host business application.

GlobalWise Investments provides clients with a simple and standardized way to quickly organize large volumes of current paper or unstructured electronic files into process-ready information. Using the latest cloud advances, the company’s platform technology lets authorized users access and process all forms of collected information on a 24/7 basis, from anywhere on the planet. In effect, the client user can take the company with them wherever they go, representing a major potential leap in communication and productivity at a fraction of the cost required in the pre-cloud world.

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