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GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) and the Cloud’s Transforming Nature

Accessing the Internet has become such a normal part of daily life, whether through computer or mobile device, that it’s beginning to become invisible, done almost without awareness. Today, the ascent of cloud technology is greatly accelerating the trend. Improvements in security and communication, together with more sophisticated ways of integrating cloud and on-site technology, has begun to quietly place a world of information and functionality in the hands of every user.

GlobalWise Investments, offering Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a cloud based or local solution for document management, has taken such integration to a new level. The system allows companies to effortlessly capture and index critical documents as part of their normal copy/scan process, through seamless integration with leading printer/copier systems. These documents are then available for strictly authorized access worldwide 24/7. Leading hardware vendors such as Lexmark, Samsung, DELL, and many others already recognize the future of ECM and are now directly integrating into the Intellinetics Intellivue cloud platform.

William J. “BJ” Santiago, President & CEO of GlobalWise, summarized the economic advantages of their unique ECM business model, “Many in the industry have called our flagship software a ‘channel changer’ because our user-friendly model is similar to the traditional per click charge standard, but introduces a fixed cost model that appeals to a wider customer base. Therefore, the end-user no longer has to worry about being charged more money for each mono (black and white), color or virtual image scan (i.e. Video, Audio, JPEG, PPT, Excel, etc.). Intellivue allows the end-user to scan both hard-copy and virtual images, as well as index, search, and retrieve archived data via the cloud, in the same model in which they buy their products today through their dealer. Instead of a per page or per click charge, there is simply a capacity based monthly subscription fee.”

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