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The Case for FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI)

FluoroPharma Medical is a New Jersey based developer of advanced imaging pharmaceuticals for use with positron emission tomography (PET). The company provides unique radiopharmaceutical imaging agents, unavailable from other sources, that allow PET technology to detect critical bioprocesses in the human body, designed to give doctors and researchers the tools to successfully track various manifestations of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain types of cancer. Since these diseases are considered the most deadly and costly being addressed on a global basis, the market potential for supporting products is immense and growing.

FluoroPharma has two lead products, BFPET for imaging cardiovascular blood flow, and CardioPET for detecting fatty acid uptake, both of which are Phase-II ready with short study timelines, and both directed to very large markets. The company also has a pipeline of first-in-class imaging products: VasoPET for imaging inflammation and atherosclerotic plaque that will permit detection of dangerous plaque before symptoms occur, and AZPET for brain imaging to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. It is also developing products for cancer detection. All of these products address significant unmet needs in billion dollar markets.

The company’s protected technology is compatible with current clinical practice, with reliable reimbursement in place, and is part of a clear and focused plan for short-term low-risk value creation. FluoroPharma is led by experienced management and world-class advisors.

Zacks Small Cap Research describes FPMI’s development momentum as accelerating in 2013, going on to point out that current PET tracers suffer from high cost, safety issues, and availability shortages, which encourages demand for FPMI’s novel radiopharmaceuticals. It also praises the company’s management for doing a commendable job with minimizing cash burn while making progress on product development. LifeTech Capital calls FluoroPharma’s pipeline of cardiac PET imaging agent candidates “game-changers” in the molecular diagnostics space, and points to the advantages of PET versus other types of imaging.

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