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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) Holds Important Technologies For $1.7 Billion Molecular Imaging Agents Market

Advanced imaging technologies are certainly among the most important developments in modern medicine. They’ve allowed us to view the workings of the human body as never before, allowing increasingly accurate up-front diagnosis without the cost, dangers, and discomfort involved in cutting the patient open. But most imaging tools provide insight only into the anatomical manifestation of disease. By contrast, molecular imaging techniques, such as PET, allow doctors to view developing disease processes at the molecular and cellular level, where disease can be detected before anatomical manifestation is identified. As such, it is a critical and growing part of the modern medical imaging field.

FluoroPharma Medical engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of proprietary medical diagnostic imaging products, currently focused on imaging agents used in positron emission tomography (PET) for the detection of acute and chronic forms of coronary artery disease. The company’s proprietary molecules, labeled with a radioactive isotope of fluorine, combined with PET scanning, provide an efficient non-invasive assessment of heart metabolism and physiology. Agents have been designed to target either the myocardial cells within the heart or the vulnerable plaque within the coronary arteries. It’s a huge market. In the U.S. today, coronary artery disease affects more than 13 million patients, accounting for 30% of all deaths.

Other products in development include agents for detection of inflamed atherosclerotic plaque in peripheral arteries, amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s disease, and agents for detection of certain types of cancer. In the case of Alzheimer’s, the need is growing rapidly as the population ages. 10 million baby boomers are now expected to develop the disease in their lifetime. There is currently no single diagnostic test that proves a person has the disease. FluoroPharma is developing new options for early detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s. The company is also developing new compounds for the early and accurate detection of prostate cancer, the second most lethal malignancy among men in the U.S.

Together, the market for molecular imaging agents now exceeds $1.7 billion annually. FluoroPharma has four issued U.S. patents and seven pending applications, in addition to strong international protection.

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