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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Using the Internet to Complement Real Estate Agents, Not Replace Them

Most businesses across numerous industries would agree that the internet has disrupted them in one way or another, either positively or negatively. Some believe the internet has led to technological advancements never seen before that have enabled them to cut costs, keep their information safe, and make certain day-to-day tasks easier. Others have seen the internet lead to an increase in unemployment, more space for security breaches, and a lack of human touch when it comes to interactions with consumers.

But how has the proliferation of the internet disrupted those in the real estate industry? Recent studies ( show that real estate agents in the U.S. are still receiving their usual 5% to 6% commission on home sales, and, despite the internet having had a negative impact on many of the middlemen from various industries, the commission that real estate agents receive has increased since the early 2000s. Although many assumed real estate agents would struggle because of the internet, the number of agents has actually grown by more than 50% in the past 20 years.

What many have not realized is that the internet has affected the industry as a whole, but has not affected the ever-growing need for agents. The internet has changed the way agents work and interact with their clients for the better, because, although consumers are doing more of the home buying research online, they still have a big decision to make, and therefore turn to agents and brokers for help. More has also been done by real estate companies in terms of advertising to keep the focus on their agents, for example, Century 21’s “Good Luck, Robots” TV commercial (

eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI) is showing the importance of real estate agents and brokers through a different approach, by embracing technology and using it to leverage the ability of agents. The rapidly growing company (its agent roster is expected to double in this year alone) has been referred to as the “Amazon” of real estate. It’s an agent-owned brokerage that has cut out the need for brick and mortar facilities with the use of the cloud, but without cutting out the much-needed agents that run it. Instead of using the internet to replace its brokers and agents, EXPI is using it as a tool to maximize agent-ownership, and agents love it.

EXPI is the first company to ever use 3D, fully immersive cloud-based tools and techniques that allow agents to meet colleagues, share advice, learn through virtual classes, and build strategies to further grow their businesses. EXPI has created this business model not to cut out the middleman, but to show Americans that relying less on traditional offices and adopting technological advancements offer significant benefits to both business growth and customer satisfaction.

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