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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Presentation Reveals How Foundational Business Model Continues to Spur Record Growth

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI), a publicly-traded holding company whose primary operational business is eXp Realty LLC, the “Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage®”, presented a virtual webinar covering the company’s operations, business model, and progress.

Glenn Sanford, company chairman and CEO, made the presentation, beginning with a summary of his background and the history of the company:

Glenn Sanford founded eXp Realty in 2009, coming from a background of technology, marketing, and sales. He founded a number of technology startups in the 1990s, going on to become successful in real estate, until the industry crisis began unfolding around 2006, making the traditional brick-and-mortar based real estate brokerage model less and less sustainable. It became clear that a radically different approach to the real estate brokerage business, based upon newly evolving technologies, was not only possible but necessary.

eXp Realty was founded on the idea that a national brokerage could operate much more cost effectively and efficiently without depending upon cash-draining physical facilities, over and above the minimum required by state laws. Through the application of advanced technologies, all types of agent related communication and training could actually be enhanced, without requiring time-consuming travel to central offices. A virtual campus could bring together a few, or a few hundred, agents, providing superior information flow and relationships, while giving agents more time and tools to succeed, and all at a dramatically reduced cost. It was this revolutionary approach that was designed-in to eXp Realty from the beginning, a unique foundational business model that is not easy to start, and almost impossible to transition to from a traditional model, but which eXp Realty has now successfully grown with dramatic results.

The approach was an innovation that has resulted in dramatic cost savings and operational efficiencies, allowing a variety of creative and unmatched benefits and attracting new agents from across the county. The company, which started out with only 24 agents, has already grown to over 2,700 agents, and it continues to expand. The operation now covers 42 states, with growth in revenue paralleling the growth in agents.

The benefits of this new way of doing business are key:

  • It is easy to scale, making rapid expansion both possible and manageable
  • Operating costs are minimized, even as size increases
  • Cost savings feed attractive financial and other benefits for agents, encouraging growth

Agent benefits include:

  • More attractive financial splits, where a greater percentage of each commission goes to the agent
  • Revenue sharing programs, giving agents money that would normally be needed to support the brokerage
  • Superior and timely communication, with agents able to get more training to succeed and build the company, without having to travel to a physical office
  • Equity ownership programs, whereby agents continually grow their stake in the company by getting shares that are earned for future payout, encouraging lower turnover

The company’s equity sharing programs, now available through eXp World Holdings as a publicly-traded corporation, are a huge draw for the company, and have significantly encouraged growth in the number of agents. These programs provide a variety of ways for agents to get actual shares of the company, in addition to superior commissions, effectively providing a form of retirement program in which it is easy to participate. The shares can be earned in a number of ways, and are not just a reward for exceptional performance, but are also held for payout at a set future date to encourage agents to stay with the company, significantly lowering agent turnover.

Such equity sharing works hand-in-hand with the company’s position as a truly national brokerage, rather than a traditional franchise-based operation. Instead of local brokerages and agents feeling compelled to compete with one another, there is only one brokerage, in which agents own a growing stake. As a result, they are encouraged to bring in other agents and to do whatever they can to make the business grow. The effect has been rapid expansion, which the technology is easily able to handle without the loss of community and company unity.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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