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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Capitalizing on the Benefits of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

Cloud-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) are “predicted to revolutionize both the way we learn as students and the way we learn on the job” according to Capterra ( The article continues to explain that more and more organizations are likely to adopt cloud-based LMS in the coming years.

Cloud-based Learning Management Systems are web-hosted platforms used by organizations to deliver, manage, and track online training programs for their employees. One of the industries highlighted as a user of LMS software is the real estate industry, and eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI), holding company for a cloud-based, agent-owned real estate brokerage, is one company in the sector that’s taking advantage of the many benefits offers by cloud-based LMS.

In fact, the company’s eXp Realty subsidiary is a full-service real estate brokerage that offers 24/7 access to collaborative tools and socialization features to its agents and brokers through its 3-D, cloud office environment. In addition to collaborative tools and socialization, EXPI offers its agents a full network of online training resources.

As well as introducing lower setup costs, this method of training is easy to maintain and, according to eLearning Industry (, increases productivity and job satisfaction. The article explains that virtual training saves time and money, and it is far more appealing to employees, or, in this case, agents and brokers, as they can access courses from anywhere at any time.

The eXp World Holdings training platform is accessible to agents and brokers all day, every day, for free. The system EXPI uses provides flexible training options to agents whereby they can improve and advance their eXp Realty operations. The platform offers a range of courses to choose from with the opportunity to attend meetings and company presentations as well.

This user-friendly way of learning is completely secure, and it allows for more effective training, as users can learn in their chosen environments, from any device. Courses can be uploaded easily and improved upon with time. Aside from the high-quality training, EXPI agents and brokers are able to increase their listings and sales while reducing their overhead and capital requirements.

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