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ENGlobal Corp. (ENG) Enabling Seamless Communications between Topside and Subsea Equipment with Universal Master Control Station

ENGlobal Corp. is a leading provider of energy engineering and related services, and the company has been building upon this reputation through its Subsea Controls & Integration (SCI) group. Providing advanced process automation design, engineering services and equipment for the effective integration of communication protocols between topside production facilities and subsea devices, the group’s primary objective has been the development of a long-term vision and commercialization plan for its groundbreaking Universal Master Control Station (UMCS), which enables communications between virtually any subsea equipment, regardless of supplier.

Utilizing patented technology, ENGlobal’s UMCS provides dramatic cost savings by allowing for quick integration of a rich set of topside and subsea devices into a pre-engineered, standardized system. By enabling a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ control scheme, the company’s device greatly decreases the effect of human error on device programming, while effectively shortening overall delivery times.

The company’s innovative system allows operators to decrease dependence on a single vendor by opening the door for full integration of a host of industry-leading brands. As a fully reusable and upgradable investment, the UMCS serves as the communication link to the distributed control system, hydraulic power unit and electrical power unit, and, since the technology is not based on proprietary communication interfaces or custom hardware, it can be used to control equipment from a collection of suppliers.

The UMCS addresses many of the limitation of historic customized subsea control systems. Taking significantly less time to build and interface with topside components, ENGlobal’s innovative technology is a standardized approach to project-specific configuration requirements. As the core of an intelligent subsea control system, the company’s UMCS combines industry proven, fault-tolerant control hardware with the extensive experience of ENGlobal to create the most robust control station currently available.

Despite the recent downturn in energy commodity prices, the diversity of ENGlobal’s product and services portfolio has allowed the company to maintain a strong cash position, providing a platform for future growth. Look for the company to build upon its established industry presence moving forward as it continues to promote sustainable returns in the months to come.

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