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ENGlobal Corp. (ENG) – A Driving Force for Specialty Engineering Services

The ENGlobal Corporation is committed to safely delivering specialty engineering solutions and professional services that lead to success for its stakeholders. At the same time, the company is deeply committed to maintaining good stewardship of the world.

Safety and quality are just two of six fundamental values at the Houston, Texas based company which aims to become the number one provider of novel automation integration services and select Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management projects for the energy industry and markets around the globe.

The ENGlobal team works the ENGlobal way, operating under six core values:

1. Safety first
The company’s employees work safely first, above all else. In addition to safety, they have also made a commitment to health and the environment.

2. Ethics without exception
They operate ethically and with the highest integrity and level of accountability, without exception.

3. Total responsiveness
They are totally responsive to the company’s valued clients and constantly serve them with quality services.

4. Teamwork in everything
They exhibit teamwork in all they do and collaborate across the entire business.

5. Quality throughout
They continuously seek to improve, to innovate, and to differentiate ENGlobal from others.

6. Communication from the start
They display urgency, passion and commitment in all business dealings.

The ENGlobal team holds tightly to these core standards in every aspect of the company’s operations. Ever since ENGlobal was established 30 years ago, the company has staked its reputation on delivering superior products and services. To achieve this goal, it closely follows industry standards to ensure it delivers the best possible value to its clients, stakeholders and markets (upstream, midstream, downstream, pulp and paper, alternative energy and government).

Founded in 1985, ENGlobal operates two divisions that specialize in subsea control systems, oil and gas automation solutions, and engineering and construction projects:

• Automation
This division focuses on integrated services relating to the design, creation and execution of complex automation, control, instrumentation and process analytical systems.

• Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management
This division provides professional consulting services for the development, administration and implementation of projects that call for expert engineering, construction management, and linked support services.

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