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Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc. (ATDS) Employs Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions as it Helps Businesses Stay Ahead of Cyber Criminals

  • Businesses around the world are expected to face as many as 33 billion data breaches throughout 2023
  • Increasingly, businesses are finding that firewalls and antivirus software are unable to keep hackers at bay
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (“CTI”), a data collection tactic that allows companies to better assess the potential threats they face, has become an increasingly valuable tool in helping businesses address their vulnerabilities
  • Data443 Risk Mitigation’s CTI-enabled product suite has been designed to provide businesses with an array of tools designed to help safeguard their data

Cyber-attacks have become an increasingly ubiquitous facet of modern business; in 2023 alone, cyber-attacks are expected to result in businesses worldwide suffering through approximately 33 billion account breaches – equivalent to a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Moreover, and increasingly, investment in security solutions such as firewalls, antivirus software, encryption tools, and other protective measures are failing to deter the sophisticated and evolving threats businesses face. In response to this, businesses have sought to adopt cyber threat intelligence (“CTI”) tools to assist them in better identifying and understanding the nature and scope of potential and actual cyberattacks to better prevent them going forward.

Data443 Risk Mitigation (OTC: ATDS), a data security and privacy software company, has focused its corporate mission around data mitigation, providing companies with the necessary software solutions to secure their data across devices and databases. With over 10,000 customers across 100 countries, CTI has rapidly emerged as a key tactic used by Data443 to help businesses make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies.

Data443 now manages and markets a myriad of tools designed to help businesses and customers safeguard their data against any potential breaches. From free data classification tools, secure archiving, and privacy managing to secure data transfer mechanisms and ransomware recovery tools that can help a business recover from the ramifications of a ransomware attack by way of a single reboot, Data443 has sought to create a comprehensive product suite designed to safeguard a company’s valuable information from gestation, through to its eventual distribution and storage.

Cyber threat intelligence involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting details about potential or actual cybersecurity threats; the information can vary – encompassing data gleaned from open-source intelligence, dark web monitoring, social media, and other threat intelligence fields. While not a solution, CTI can provide organizations with the ability to gain further insights into threat actors’ motives, targets, and behaviors, to protect themselves accordingly.

From providing businesses with real-time insights into potential threats at an earlier stage; allowing businesses to get a better understanding of their vulnerabilities; to improving a business’s overall security posture and potentially giving a company a competitive advantage over competitors and enhancing their reputation among clients, CTI has emerged as an increasingly valuable framework to apply to corporate cyber protection.

As the information systems and data repositories of today’s organizations become ever more complex and exposed to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, tools that contribute to the cyber resilience of businesses and society are being adopted on an ever-wider scale. As such, cyber threat intelligence can help provide a better picture of the threat landscape that will help players better anticipate and detect threats and share information across a given sector of industry or community of interest. Through its toolkit of products – via secure data repositories and data protection managers or their award-winning antivirus protection manager, Data443 is leveraging CTI to help businesses stay one step ahead of cybercriminals worldwide.

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