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D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) Supports Governments’ Investment in Near-Term Quantum Applications

  • D-Wave’s technology is geared toward optimization problems commonly faced by the public sector
  • Governments worldwide are engaging with quantum computing to solve public sector problems and build domestic supply chains and workforces

D-Wave Quantum (NYSE: QBTS), a leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services focused on delivering value via practical quantum applications, is helping fuel the adoption of near-term quantum computing solutions against a backdrop of increased government assessment, investment and legislation. As more governments start to consider quantum applications and the use of quantum technologies to solve public sector challenges, D-Wave offers solutions oriented towards addressing optimization problems commonly faced by government agencies.

Countries around the world, including the United States, are prioritizing quantum computing. While they continue their basic research on hardware, they are expanding the focus to include quantum applications and computing technologies that solve public sector problems and build domestic supply chains and workforces. D-Wave is already providing these solutions to its broad portfolio of commercial and government customers, solving problems such as logistics, artificial intelligence, materials sciences, drug discovery, scheduling, fault detection, and financial modeling. Public sector solutions for emergency response, sustainability, supply chain, infrastructure, telecommunications and energy can all benefit from D-Wave’s quantum technology.

Many governments are increasingly investing in national quantum efforts, including Canada, Australia, Germany, France, India, UK, and more, as global spending on quantum is expected to reach $36 billion during 2023 ( Many of the new or updated quantum strategies that have been announced are focused on near-term quantum application development and deployment to spur commercialization and adoption, including:

  • Australia: New quantum strategies have been released along with previously announced support using quantum computing for transportation network optimization
  • Canada: The industry Committee in the House of Commons recommended creating a quantum sandbox program to support application development and accelerate commercialization
  • EU: Multiple activities are underway in support of quantum and near-term use of the technology within the EU commission and member communities
  • UK: A 10-year quantum strategy has been introduced that explicitly includes quantum annealing in the UK’s SparQ program, and a current call for application development in an 18-month or less timeframe

The United States national quantum initiative is up for reauthorization by September 2023 – with many in Congress pushing for the adoption of near-term application programs. These programs focus on developing and deploying demos, proofs of concepts and pilots within a 24-month or less timeframe. Think tanks and tech policy organizations are calling for the United States government to begin utilizing quantum technology that is available now, including the Center for Data and Innovation and the Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance Initiative. Current near-term legislation include:

  • Quantum Sandbox bill
  • Quantum in Practice Act
  • Use of Quantum Computing bill
  • NDAA Pilot Program for Near-Term Applications
  • Wildfire DEMO Act

Ready to support the governmental prioritization of near-term quantum development, D-Wave’s Advantage(TM) quantum computer is commercial-grade and production-ready, featuring more than 5,000 qubits and 15-way qubit connectivity. This provides 2.5x more connections and more than double the number of qubits than the company’s previous generation quantum computer, helping organizations solve some of their most computationally complex problems.

D-Wave is strategically positioned within the quantum industry – already providing solutions for blue-chip commercial customers like Volkswagen, Mastercard, Deloitte, ArcelorMittal, Siemens Healthineers, Unisys, Accenture, BBVA, NEC Corporation, Pattison Food Group Ltd., DENSO, and Lockheed Martin. The company has the focus and track record to provide the platforms necessary to propel governments into the future of quantum.

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