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Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN) Likely to Benefit from New Research Touting Psilocybin Mental Health Treatments

  • Yale researchers publish study that a single dose of psilocybin counteracts symptoms of depression
  • Administering drug to mice resulted in an approximately 10% increase in neuron size and density
  • Cybin is focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics

As news of psychedelic research continues to report breakthroughs — such as the recent news from a group of Yale researchers that a single dose of psilocybin counteracts symptoms of depression ( — companies operating in the space, including Cybin (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN), are ideally positioned to see significant benefits and growth. 

“Yale researchers found that a single dose of the naturally occurring psychedelic compound psilocybin can cause structural changes in the brain that counteract symptoms of depression,” reported a “Yale Daily News” article published this week. The article, titled “Yale Researchers Discover Healing Effects of Psychedelic Drug,” stated that, in a paper published in the “Neuron” journal, researchers at the Yale School of Medicine “presented evidence that administering this drug to mice resulted in an approximately 10% increase in neuron size and density in the frontal cortex of the brain. Led by postdoctoral associate Lingxiao Shao and associate professor of psychiatry and neuroscience Alex Kwan, the team found that this ‘structural remodeling’ occurred within 24 hours of the drug administration and persisted for one month, indicating that psilocybin made long-lasting changes in the brain.”

In the article, Kwan stated that “psilocybin is fascinating because it has an incredibly short half-life, which means that it gets out of the body quickly and yet has long-lasting behavioral effects. . . . We’ve seen that psilocybin can be effective in treating depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders. In this study, we wanted to investigate this mystery by observing individual connections in the mouse brain.”

The paper noted that psilocybin, which is categorized as a psychedelic, is a naturally occurring substance found in a species of fungi often called magic mushrooms. Psilocybin stimulates serotonin 2A receptors in the brain. After psilocybin and other psychedelics were classified as Schedule I drugs during the 1970s, research on the substances slowed significantly. In the past decade, however, research on psychedelics has picked up, with a significant increase in the past few years as evidence grows regarding the potential benefits of the drugs. 

In the Yale study, Kwan’s team focused on using a mouse model to shed light on the changes the brain undergoes during psychedelic experiences. “Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Natalie Ginsberg expressed her excitement about where the field of psychedelic research is headed,” the article concluded. “‘This is totally changing the approach to therapy for PTSD and other mental illnesses,’ Ginsberg said. ‘Psychedelics can also greatly impact people’s connections to nature and to each other. We also hope to see psychedelics decriminalized, making them more safe and accessible to those who can be healed by them.’”

Studies like these serve to validate and strengthen the work done by Cybin, which is on a mission to revolutionize mental health care. The company is focused on progressinag psychedelic therapeutics by utilizing proprietary drug-discovery platforms, innovative drug-delivery systems, novel formulation approaches and treatment regimens for psychiatric disorders.

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