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Correlate Infrastructure Partners Inc. (CIPI) Offers Affordable Green Solutions for Companies Improving Their ESG Investments

  • Correlate Infrastructure Partners Inc. is a distributed energy solutions company drawing on tech-enabled development, finance, and fulfillment resources, to support businesses that develop and rent out commercial building properties
  • Commercial real estate industry businesses served by CIPI are among a large field of corporations working to improve their environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) profiles in order to appeal to climate-conscious investors
  • ESG-conscious investment rose to a record $69.2 billion in 2021 and continues to weather “anti-woke” pushback efforts that have become more pronounced in recent months
  • Multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase provided a good of ongoing climate consciousness when it announced 2030 carbon-reduction targets for the oil and gas, electric power, and auto manufacturing sectors last year, and added similar goals for the iron and steel, cement, and aviation sectors this month

Distributed energy solutions company Correlate Infrastructure Partners (OTCQB: CIPI) is helping clients do more to improve their environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) profiles as investors show a growing interest generally in backing such efforts. In 2021, shareholders dedicated a record $69.2 billion to ESG-weighted funds (

In addition to the U.S., European investors have continued to flex ESG muscle to put expanding pressures on industry to do more and do it better in regard to climate-friendly activity ( In 2021, multinational investment bank and financial services holding company JPMorgan Chase announced steps to align its financing activities with climate goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement brokered by the United Nations to reduce carbon pollutants considered responsible for accelerating climate change (

The investment bank announced this month that it has expanded its goals to reduce emissions by adding targets for the iron and steel, cement and aviation sectors to its 2030 prospects for oil and gas, electric power and auto manufacturing (

Chase envisions a 31 percent reduction in carbon intensity for the iron and steel sector, a 29 percent reduction for the cement sector and a 36 percent reduction for the aviation sector within the next seven years, according to the statement.

Correlate Infrastructure Partners’ distributed energy solutions include current energy use analysis, recommendations for optimization, and advisement on access to financial resources pegged to help reduce climate impacts for the company’s clients, making potential changes more affordable.

The company recently reported on one of its more significant contracts involving one of the largest behind-the-meter solar installations in the United States — a 3.8-megawatt project at the Pennsylvania headquarters of global stored energy solutions leader EnerSys (

“We are exploring and implementing opportunities to increase our renewable energy usage across our operations,” the first EnerSys Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) report stated last month (, supplemented by President & CEO David M. Shaffer’s statement that “by identifying important climate-related risks that will impact EnerSys, we can increase our focus on key preparation and mitigation strategies … while also providing valuable information to investors and other stakeholders.”

Laws passed during the past year in the United States, such as the Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”), have further incentivized companies to explore their options for improving their ESG profiles. The IRA dedicated $370 billion in federal funds to decarbonization efforts, providing companies such as Correlate Infrastructure Partners with greater resources to tap in serving their clients.

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