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ContentChecked Holdings, Inc.’s (CNCK) SugarChecked App Reviewed in Division of USA Today

ContentChecked is the developer of MigraineChecked, SugarChecked and ContentChecked, an innovative family of health apps designed for individuals with dietary restrictions and/or food intolerances or preferences. As consumer awareness of its apps continues to rise, the company is also finding itself in other invaluable spotlights. ContentChecked’s SugarChecked app was recently featured in, a division of USA Today. is a consumer-oriented site that delivers comprehensive reviews conducted by a panel of product experts. Read the full article here: Cutting Back on Sugar? There’s an App for That (

The article notes the high sugar intake of the average American, despite mounting research that links high sugar consumption with obesity, cardiovascular disease, dementia, macular degeneration, tooth decay and Type 2 diabetes.

“A big part of the problem is that sugar is hidden in many of today’s processed foods. That’s where a new app called SugarChecked may come in handy. SugarChecked lets shoppers scan product barcodes at the grocery store to reveal detailed sugar content information. The app identifies four main types of sugars that consumers can avoid … As well as unmasking often-deceptive food labels, SugarChecked provides shoppers with recommendations for healthier alternatives in real time,” reads the article.

After further describing the technology and its features, the article concludes with sugar intake recommendations from the American Heart Association and lists several foods with “hidden” sugars – validating the value of ContentChecked’s full suite of apps.

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