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Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (CNCK) Makes Life Sweeter with its SugarChecked App

The SugarChecked app from Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK) is doing what regulators haven’t been able to do: protect us from unwanted refined sugars. Public awareness of the toxic effect of refined sugars is increasing. In the online journal LadyLux, a feature headlined How to Break the Unhealthy Snack Cycle (, mentions SugarChecked and quotes Victoria Brodsky, head of nutrition for SugarChecked, as she talks about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. LadyLux covers luxury lifestyle for women and features articles on high fashion, luxury travel, beauty products, green lifestyle and philanthropy. The journal is read by over 150,000 unique readers every month.

SugarChecked identifies added sugars, artificial sweeteners, natural low-calorie sweeteners and sugar alcohols and is one of a suite of dietary restriction apps created by Content Checked. The company currently has two other apps. The first to be developed was ContentChecked, a smartphone application meant for use by those who suffer from food allergies and intolerances. The second was MigraineChecked, which is designed to give alerts on migraine triggers in food products. Content Checked Holdings, Inc.’s family of apps works by allowing users to scan products’ bar codes and determine if they are suitable for their diets. The app then offers users a list of healthier alternative products that are suitable for them to consume.

Together ContentChecked, MigraineChecked and SugarChecked have had over two million downloads, and 66 percent of users utilize the apps at least five times per week. CEO Kris Finstad is confident that this figure will soon increase. Last year, he sweetened his pot by converting approximately US $1.1 million of personal funds, advanced to the company, into shares of the company’s common stock.

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