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Content Checked’s (CNCK) Spot in The Daily Meal Gives Readers a Sample of the Expertise Behind the Company’s Apps

When one of the expert nutritionists from Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK) was featured last month in an article on heavily-trafficked foodie site The Daily Meal, which is geared toward everyone from pro cooks and industry insiders to savvy diners, the spot showcased exactly the kind of actionable intelligence the company’s apps were designed to provide. The insights provided by Content Checked’s Registered Dietitian, Tory Tedrow, CNSC, regarding the importance of foods like lentils in a diet as a key source of iron ( were on target for this article and indicative of CNCK’s expertise.

Tedrow explained how iron deficiency anemia is the natural result when people don’t have enough foods containing iron in their diets and that fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms. Offering solutions for readers, such as the helpful tip that combining iron-rich foods with others that contain high levels of vitamin C (such as oranges) will help maximize iron uptake by the body, is another prime example of insight that CNCK provides its users through its apps.

Such important dietary information is precisely the kind of nutritionist-driven intelligence that users can get access to with the swipe of a finger using the company’s family of mobile apps. The apps were built to provide people who have specific dietary restrictions with a quick and simple answer to whether or not a product is suitable for their dietary needs. The company’s three apps – including ContentChecked for food allergies, SugarChecked for added sugars and MigraineChecked for migraine triggers – allow users to quickly scan a product’s barcode with their smartphones and gain access to a rich database of nutritional information.

The ability to provide feedback on over 70% (and growing) of all food products in the U.S. with the swipe of a finger is a powerful weapon in the fight against food related issues like allergies and diabetes. By using Content Checked’s apps routinely, end users gain healthy insights along the way. Users become educated over time by the apps, which steer them clear of bad decisions and can, therefore, also help to steer them in the right direction, nutritionally speaking.

An app like SugarChecked is a prime example of the type of tool the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation was referring to when it recommended to its email user base that diabetics should utilize the growing number of apps designed to do everything from track blood sugar levels to help more closely define eating habits.

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