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Content Checked Holdings (CNCK): User Specific Grocery Shopping with Your Smartphone

Healthy grocery shopping can be hard enough when it’s just for you. Now imagine the headaches that accompany shopping for your entire family, while avoiding potentially dangerous foods due to your family members’ allergies and dietary requirements. Luckily, a cutting-edge company, Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK), has done all the research for you and created a suite of easy-to-use apps readily available to download on your smartphone or tablet.

ContentChecked is an app that will help users make better food choices for their food allergy and intolerance needs. When in the grocery store, users can scan a product barcode on a food or beverage product. The app will then tell the user whether or not that product is suitable for them based on their allergy settings and will provide the user with similar alternatives if the product does contain one or more of their allergens. Educating consumers about food ingredients and helping them avoid trips to the emergency room are two of the company’s goals when developing apps.

The company began with a simple idea: to ease the frustration of a father trying to grocery shop for his daughter and her friends while taking into consideration their countless food allergies and intolerances. Transforming the trudging task of picking out groceries into a fun, interactive and educational scavenger hunt is the ultimate goal of Content Checked Holdings.

In today’s health conscience world where consumers test diet after diet, it is refreshing to find a company like Content Checked whose mission is to educate the consumers on products readily available in most local grocery stores throughout the U.S. Once we inculcate ourselves on what foods are bad for our diet and which alternatives we should put in the shopping cart instead, our lives will become much healthier and food will become more fulfilling.

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