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Content Checked (CNCK) CEO Featured on UPTICK Network Stock Day Podcast

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK) CEO Kris Finstad was recently featured in an interview by Everett Jolly on the UPTICK Network Stock Day Podcast. Over the course of the conversation, Finstad told the story of Content Checked, from its humble beginning as a passion project to help decipher often confusing and misleading food labels to its current standing as a revenue-generating app company with an international userbase of more than two million. Finstad also gave listeners some insight into Content Checked’s plans for future growth, including the impending launch of its suite of apps in three additional international markets.

“Our database is now national, for the U.S., and we’re now going to Canada, as well, and then going to the U.K. and Australia,” Finstad stated in the interview. “This year is going to be our breakthrough year from a revenue standpoint.”

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When describing the advantages of Content Checked’s apps, Finstad pointed toward the accuracy and reliability of the company’s expansive product database. While many of its competitors rely on third-party data that can often include high error margins, Content Checked employs a team of nutritionists who work directly with food manufacturers to collect and deliver up-to-date information on approximately 70 percent of all conventional U.S. grocery products.

The relationships with food producers, stemming from the creation of its product database, also serve as a source of revenue for Content Checked. When users scan a product that doesn’t fit within their dietary guidelines, the company’s apps suggest suitable alternatives. Content Checked will allow producers to sponsor their products in order to secure a spot amongst these suggested alternatives.

The Company is now completing the process of shifting toward a subscription-based revenue model. These efforts include the impending release of revamped apps that include 60 new features in addition to an updated and improved experience for free users. With the upcoming launch of an expansive marketing campaign, a debt-free balance sheet and a current value that is based exclusively on its income, Content Checked presents considerable upside to prospective shareholders.

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