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Content Checked (CNCK) App Highlighted in Energy Times Magazine

The June issue of Energy Times Magazine gave readers a look into the potential health benefits associated with use of the SugarChecked app from Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK). The publication’s editor gave SugarChecked a stellar review, noting its utility as a tool to manage obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

“If you’re looking to lose weight, one way is to avoid sugar,” reads Energy Times’ June ‘Wellness Watch’ spotlight. “It isn’t always easy to find added sweetness in packaged foods, though, given that there are dozens of ways to say “sugar” on food labels. One way to uncover these hidden sources is to download a free phone app called SugarChecked. Created by a team of nutritionists, this app lets you quickly scan product barcodes for sugar content.”

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For Content Checked, securing coverage in Energy Times is expected to play a key role in broadening the company’s brand recognition throughout the health and wellness community. Energy Times is available at health food stores around the country, and it boasts a circulation of more than 400,000 subscribers. The magazine is also available at newsstands across the United States.

In recent months, Content Checked has been successful in securing coverage of its suite of mobile apps in a number of widely read publications, including Forbes, USA Today, ABC, CBS, NBC, Los Angeles Business Journal and Yahoo, among others. The company has also entered into strategic partnerships with companies such as ATLETO, a social sports app that connects everyday athletes, and Leaner Creamer, the only all-natural powdered coffee creamer that promotes weight loss and appetite suppression, in an effort to broaden its presence in the roughly $13 billion U.S. food allergy and intolerance market.

Kris Finstad, CEO of Content Checked, gave some insight into the Company’s success in building brand recognition during a recent interview with the UPTICK Network Stock Day Podcast. He noted that Content Checked’s suite of dietary apps has a combined userbase of approximately two million people in the U.S. and Norway, and that figure is expected to grow following the impending launch of ContentChecked, SugarChecked and MigraineChecked in Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Likewise, Finstad gave some insight into the upcoming release of an updated version of the Company’s apps, which is expected to include new features and improved usability for users.

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