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ChromaDex Corp. (CDXC) to Launch BluScience Line of Supplement Products via Major Retailer GNC Nationwide this July

ChromaDex Corp., the established provider of top-quality ingredients and solutions as a natural products supplier to a variety of industries, reported the launch of its new BluScience dietary supplement line today.

BluScience products will feature the next generation resveratrol, pterostilbene (a polyphenol naturally occurring in blueberries), in the form of the Company’s proprietarily refined natural, identical form of trans-pterostilbene, pTeroPure®.

BluScience is scheduled to hit shelves nationwide at major nutraceutical and supplements retailer GNC this July, in conjunction with a simultaneous web roll out via

The ultra purified form of the naturally occurring pterostilbene found in pTeroPure is vastly superior to resveratrol, offering significantly enhanced oral bioavailability and prolonged overall duration in the body, meaning that it will be absorbed better by tissues and have a longer-lasting effect.

The BluScience family of products will feature a variety of pTeroPure-based offerings:

• HeartBlu – fortified with blueberry extract and phytosterols, engineered specifically to maintain a healthy heart
• EternalBlu – ameliorates oxidative stress and is packed with anti-oxidants
• TrimBlur – packed with vitamins, minerals and jojoba for maximum metabolic support
• Blu2Go – is a melt super-charged with caffeine for energy boosting goodness

VP of Merchandising at GNC, Ted Deitrick, hailed the novel pTeroPure-based lineup of products that BluScience consists of and was clearly pleased that GNC would be making them available in stores this July, adding that the products are ideal for maintaining GNC’s reputation for having a serious commitment to health.

President of CDXC, William Spengler, called the launch of BluScience a major milestone, both for the Company as a whole and for the advancement of pTeroPure’s commercialization objectives. Spengler cheered GNC as the perfect place to get the kind of exposure the product line demands and remarked that it was quite auspicious for CDXC’s first national consumer launch.

Spengler cited the massive target market in the US for BlueScience, consisting of over half the population, who see vitamins and nutrient supplements as part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.

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