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Cerberus Cyber Sentinel Corp. (NASDAQ: CISO) CEO Talks Importance of a Company’s Approach to Cybersecurity on ‘Shrimp Tank’ Podcast

  • Cerberus believes successful cybersecurity must be woven into an organization’s fabric, transforming its culture
  • While cybersecurity has become a well-known topic, surprisingly few companies are doing anything about it
  • Every 11 seconds, someone is targeted or hacked, and the weakest link inside a company is people who aren’t prepared, says CISO CEO

The idea that “cybersecurity is a culture, not a product” has never been more relevant or profound, says podcast host Ted Jenkin, who chatted with Cerberus Cyber Sentinel (NASDAQ: CISO) CEO David Jemmett during a recent episode of “The Shrimp Tank” ( Cerberus has trademarked that phrase and operates on the principle that successful cybersecurity is more than amassing a list of vendors and varied technologies; it must be woven into the fabric of an organization, encompassing and transforming that organization’s culture.

“When I saw their slogan that cybersecurity is a culture not a product, I think there probably couldn’t have been a more opportune time to interview David today because that really encapsulates what is happening today in America,” said Jenkin. “Whether you just have a few PCs in your house, or you’ve got a company of thousands of employees, today the question is: Are you more susceptible to a physical attack, or are you more susceptible to a cyberattack? And we’re seeing [cyberattacks] happen every single day.”

During the interview, Jemmett noted that, although cybersecurity is often discussed and has become a well-known subject in today’s business world, surprisingly few companies are doing enough about this very real threat.  “A lot of folks are not addressing [cybersecurity]… They don’t want to know what they don’t know because they’re going to have to fix it, which costs money,” Jemmett said. “Cybersecurity is an actual concern that people should be aware of, and training and understanding what really happens is important.”

Jemmett also pointed out that “every 11 seconds, someone is being targeted or hacked, and the weakest link inside a company is the people not being prepared. The reason we trademarked ‘Cybersecurity is a culture, not a product’ is because it’s from the top down. If leadership doesn’t understand, it becomes a black hole. How can you address something you’re not understanding?” This is a key point, given that many organizations have worked to educate their C-suites about the importance of cybersecurity but have not helped them deepen their technical knowledge.

As an industry thought leader, David Jemmett wants leadership teams to understand more than just the importance of cybersecurity. He knows that C-suites and boards need to be cyber-literate enough to determine how things work and which technical and process investments matter most and in what order. Otherwise, it’s easy to simply invest the latest technology and assume their problems are solved.

Additionally, Jemmett observed that traditional IT is different than cybersecurity. “IT puts systems together and tries to secure it after they’ve designed it. We think like hackers, with security by design… [Companies] should start any kind of application or implementation of services by understanding how to secure it first, but a lot of people don’t have that understanding. It pays to go get someone to help them through that process, but make sure they’re professionals. If you get in a car accident and go to the emergency room, you don’t want a dermatologist or general practitioner working on you; you want someone who has years of experience.”

Cerberus brings many years of experience to the table. The company’s leadership team has decades of success in a range of sectors, including executive management and technology experience in cybersecurity consulting services; securely engineering, building, revamping and managing global networks and data centers; cybersecurity application and implementation across military, financial services and professional services organizations; cyber force development; cyber defense operations; and cybersecurity advisement.

The company is widely recognized as a managed cybersecurity and compliance provider. Today, Cerberus is expanding by acquiring world-class cybersecurity, secured managed services and compliance companies with top-tier talent that utilizes the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect the most demanding businesses and government organizations against continuing and emerging security threats and compliance obligations.

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