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Cepton, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Announces Collaboration with Exwayz, as Lidar is Quickly Becoming an Essential Sensor Technology Within the Robotics Sector

  • Autonomous robotics are increasingly being used to automate manual logistics processes
  • In addition to its own software solutions, Cepton collaborates with software provider Exwayz to present a robotic solution for global customers
  • The company recently announced that it will unveil its upcoming next-generation automotive lidar solution, the Vista-X120 Plus, at the forthcoming CES 2023 event in Las Vegas
  • As part of that product launch, Cepton has been recently recognized as a 2023 Innovation Award honoree by CES within the vehicle tech and advanced mobility category

In early June, Amazon unveiled its new fleet of autonomous robots, designed to revolutionize the way that half a million warehouse workers interact on a daily basis. Nicknamed ‘Proteus’, these robots would help automate the movement of large and heavy rolling carts of packages, creating a more efficient and safe process. These actions are traditionally undertaken by workers obliged to manually handle goods through areas where existing robots can’t go. Whilst the technology is part of a long-awaited wave of automation designed to improve productivity and boost safety standards within the logistics industry, it may not have been possible without the employment of the humble lidar sensor (

Although the first presentation of lidar sensors began in the 1960s, it would take until the Apollo 15 mission in 1971 for lidar to become “mainstream” with the technology being used to help map planetary surfaces. Half a century later, Cepton (NASDAQ: CPTN), a Silicon Valley innovator and leader in high-performance lidar solutions, has gained widespread renown across the industry for both its comprehensive lidar-based solution platform as well as its unique approach which focuses on performance, cost, and reliability.

In early November, Cepton announced that it would be further broadening its technological reach by collaborating with Exwayz to develop novel lidar-based perception solutions for mobile robotics applications. Exwayz is a developer of plug-and-play perception software designed to help enable lidar-based 3D mapping, localization, and re-localization as well as object detection and classification. Similar to Amazon’s Proteus robot fleet, the venture’s lidar based solution will provide high-precision 3D data, which can help robotic systems navigate safely and autonomously while enabling operators to easily track their locations, gaining critical insights into how a space is being utilized (

Cepton offers a full suite of lidar sensors for automotive and smart infrastructure applications, as well as proprietary perception solutions. Cepton’s collaboration with Exwayz further unlocks the potential utilization of its lidar technology across a wide range of mobile robotics applications. By leveraging the versatility and reliability of Cepton’s high-performance, easy-to-integrate lidars, Cepton and Exwayz aim to provide an immediate solution to expediting solution integration processes for global customers

Henri Häfner, Director Product Management, Marketing and Business Development at Cepton, commented in regard to the tie-up: “Cepton’s automotive-grade lidar sensors have demonstrated the quality and reliability necessary for mobile robotics solutions. Our core lidar technology enables an optimal combination of high performance, ruggedness, and unrivalled embeddability. We are now pleased to be working with Exwayz to also deploy Cepton’s award-winning Nova Lidar for near-range applications.”

The positive sentiment was mirrored by Mathias Corsia, CTO and Co-Founder at Exwayz, “We have been working with Cepton since the first day we released our product in October 2021. In addition to the impressive range and level of details measured by their sensors, we were very impressed by the compactness and variety of Cepton’s product line, which fits perfectly the industry needs in terms of integration and robustness for making autonomous systems a reality.”

Although the tie-up with Exwayz as well as the expanded presence for Cepton, the company recently revealed that its core automotive offering had simultaneously been upgraded – with Cepton recently recognized for its next-generation automotive lidar product, Vista®-X120 Plus, in the prestigious CES Innovation Award program as a 2023 honoree in the Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility category.

The Vista-X120 Plus is set to feature an unprecedented combination of ultra slim and small form factor, top-end performance, and real-time adaptive 3D perception. The Vista-X120 Plus will be unveiled by Cepton in January 2023 at the CES 2023 conference.

“I am thrilled that Cepton’s innovative technology continues to be recognized at a global level and at events such as CES,” said Cepton’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Jun Pei ( “Vista-X120 Plus is designed for both today’s consumer vehicles as well as the next generation – intelligent, electrified and software-defined. As the automotive industry evolves, our lidar innovations never cease to advance. This new product is an extension of Cepton’s vision since 2016, which is building capable, reliable and affordable lidar solutions to enable safe and autonomous transportation for everyone.” 

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