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Cepton, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Accelerates Intelligent Lidar Solutions Critical to Vehicle Safety and Road Management

  • Cepton advances lidar technology that integrates into traffic systems, intersections, and ADAS-powered vehicles to improve passenger and pedestrian safety
  • Through partnerships with leading global OEMs, CPTN enables ADAS mass-market commercialization with ultra-compact, high-performance, and cost-effective lidar solutions
  • CPTN’s Helius(R) Smart Lidar System was recently deployed in government-funded pedestrian safety projects in Texas and Utah
  • Other applications of CPTN’s lidar technology include airport terminal monitoring, security systems, crowd analytics, railway obstacle detection, e-tolling, and traffic management

Lidar – a combination of the words “light detection and ranging” – is a sensing technology that sends out laser pulses and measures the time it takes for them to bounce back after hitting an object. Cepton (NASDAQ: CPTN), a lidar innovator, advances high-performance lidar technology currently being applied by leading global companies and governments to vehicles, smart  infrastructure and more.

Pedestrian fatalities are rising rapidly, according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (“GHSA”) that reveals a 77% increase since 2010 ( CPTN is dedicated to reducing accident risk through a holistic approach that integrates lidar into traffic systems, intersections, and ADAS-powered vehicles to improve safety for passengers and pedestrians.

Through engagements with the world’s leading OEMs, CPTN is taking lidar mainstream by commercializing high-performance, ultra-compact lidar solutions for ADAS that seamlessly integrate into modern vehicle designs. The company is also advancing its Helius(R) Smart Lidar System, which combines its MMT(R) lidar technology with edge computing and advanced perception software to provide anonymized, intelligent 3D perception that improves safety in public spaces.

“Pedestrian safety is essential to people-oriented transportation. We are thrilled that Cepton’s technology has been utilized in such groundbreaking studies and deployments that could revolutionize the way intersections are designed and operated,” said Cepton CEO Dr. Jun Pei ( “Our advanced lidar perception solution is designed to provide accurate, real-time 3D analytics that ultimately helps improve the walkability of streets. I am excited to see Helius deployed in more U.S. cities to help transform America’s traffic infrastructure, making safe, smart mobility accessible to everyone.”

Helius has been tested in Texas through research funded by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (“NITC”), which receives support from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Texas-based study, led by researchers from the University of Texas Arlington (“UTA”), deployed the system at two traffic-intensive intersections to collect data and enable an innovative dynamic flashing yellow arrow (D-FYA) system that generates signal operations based on real-time pedestrian analytics. The solution is being implemented in Salt Lake City for further evaluation by the Utah Department of Transportation.

CPTN’s solutions are also being applied to other industries, including airport terminal monitoring, security systems, crowd analytics, railway obstacle detection, e-tolling, and more ( In addition to its use in physical environments, the company’s Vista(R)-X120 Plus lidar has also been integrated into NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform to enable real-time simulation and 3D visualization to digitize lidar deployment and testing and reduce implementation cost.

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