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SecurePay Plays Important Part in Calpian, Inc. (CLPI) Group of Companies

SecurePay is part of the Calpian group of companies providing transaction services and technologies to merchants around the country. In particular, it is an e-commerce solution provider, offering a range of cost-effective merchant payment processing solutions, especially designed for small to mid-size businesses.

Essentially, SecurePay is an online credit card gateway, a set of flexible interface options between merchants and their account processors, including an online Virtual Terminal, the EasyShop shopping cart, and APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) which allow web developers to write their own interface to SecurePay. The company supports thousands of e-commerce as well as brick-and-mortar merchants nationwide, including retail outlets, publishing companies, delivery services, taxis and limos, charities, craft shows, flea markets, hospitals and clinics, schools, and even individuals.

SecurePay uses all types of communications technologies, such as electronic store fronts and shopping carts, in-store credit card systems, and cellular wireless terminals. It can be used in any location where there are hardwired or wireless connections. Specific services and tools can be selected for a particular enterprise, whether simple credit card processing or a complete design and hosting service. SecurePay allows the Web to do more than just expand business reach beyond a physical location, and can make it a cost effective hub for virtually all enterprise transactions. SecurePay targets merchants who are new to e-commerce as well as those having an already established web presence, with transaction security being a key.

SecurePay represents an important part of Calpian’s overall presence in the marketplace. Calpian sees electronic commerce as the backbone of the world economy, and its Calpian Commerce group of companies serves merchants throughout the U.S., while its India-based subsidiary provides Money-on-Mobile stored value mobile payment services to the fast growing Indian mobile market.

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