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Brain Scientific Inc. (BRSF) Featured in Science and Technology Publication as Company Shaping the Future of Neurology Research

  • Brain Scientific was featured in Neoscope, a publication of Futurism, a media company concentrating on the scientific and technological advances for the future
  • Article details e-tattoo, BRSF’s solution that can capture big data in real-time about brain activity with possible applications in epileptic seizure predictions
  • E-tattoo could prove invaluable to medical researchers studying neurological conditions or even developers building brain-computer interfaces for mind-controlled electronics, video games

Brain Scientific (OTCQB: BRSF), a commercial-stage medical device and software company focused on neurology, has been featured in Neoscope as a company that champions cutting-edge research pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the brain diagnostics field ( Neoscope is the publication of Futurism, a New York City-based media company concentrating on the scientific and technological advances for the future.

The article details Brain Scientific’s e-tattoo technology — a series of tiny electrodes stitched beneath the skin that can get a clear reading of neural signals in real-time. Although the e-tattoo could be used to develop brain-computer interfaces for virtual reality experiences or games controlled by neural signals or for mind-controlled electronics, the immediate use of this ground-breaking technology is primarily in the medical field.

The feature reports that Brain Scientific is exploring possibilities to use big data collected through e-tattoo to study the neurological precursor of epileptic seizures in patients. Whether there exists a typical pattern of brain waves before seizures occur would be invaluable information for doctors and patients alike. Still, the question remains unresolved so far. The article cites that Brain Scientific’s e-tattoo, however, could be a game-changer. E-tattoo would give researchers access to the wealth of real-time neurological data collected over a long time, something not possible to recreate in a lab.

“We are trying to predict when a seizure can happen,” Boris Goldstein, co-founder and executive chairman of Brain Scientific, told Futurism. “It is too still premature to say what the results will be, but these are more or less our goals: Just to predict when the seizure will happen so you can get medicine that might prevent it.”

Neoscope continues with a detailed description of the e-tattoo in the piece. E-tattoo is virtually invisible — electrodes the size of a hair are embedded under the skin, while a microEEG, as small as a postage stamp, is hidden behind the patient’s ear.

The article goes on to feature the graphene band, another brain diagnostics solution the Brain Scientific is currently developing. It can be imprinted onto the head like a “temporary tattoo” that can also read the same neural signals through the skin. Although less invasive and easier to remove, it will probably not provide the same level of access to the user’s brainwaves. It can be washed off with a special solvent instead of needing to be removed by a doctor, but herein lies its biggest flaw, too. Because it is not placed deep into the skin, it would not capture real signals only, which means that the data it collects would likely be affected by noise.

With a wealth of neural signals collected in real-time, e-tattoo could prove invaluable to medical researchers studying neurological conditions and tech developers of the future building brain-computer interfaces. The article concludes that whatever findings emerge from the epilepsy research, this immense amount of neurological data is a real treasure trove bound to reveal new, to this day, unknown or unresolved secrets of the human brain. Redefining what is possible, Brain Scientific is determined to tackle critical challenges in neurology by bringing these breakthrough findings to patient’s neurological care.

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