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Brain Scientific Inc. (BRSF) Addressing Immediate and Long-Term Needs of the Neurological Marketplace

  • The need for neurological services is increasing while the gap in access to care for patients is only increasing
  • Neurological services are facing the challenge of a more contagious variant, staff shortage, and trying to uncover the reason for long-term symptoms in those who have had COVID

Brain Scientific (OTCQB: BRSF), a commercial stage healthcare company, is bridging the widening gap in patient access to care. Right now, the need for neurological care in the United States far outweighs the availability of neurologists and services. With the rise of the Delta Variant and new studies uncovering evidence that even mild cases of COVID have resulted in brain damage, the need for neurological services is only increasing. Brain Scientific offers next-gen solutions that provide neurological services and allow the neurologists to consult more efficiently. 

A new study comparing brain scans before and after COVID has uncovered evidence that even in mild cases, brain damage may occur ( Researchers had access to 394 patient brain scans done before the pandemic who then caught COVID. These scans showed brain shrinkage in the areas that control taste, smell, and memory in those who had recovered. Most of these individuals experienced only a mild case of COVID. 

Additional research will be needed in the upcoming years to determine the long-term symptoms of contracting this virus. Before a solution can be found, researchers need first to understand why the virus is causing damage to the brain. 

“Is it going to increase Alzheimer’s rates, dementia rates — even in people who are only mildly affected? This is something that could be a major public health crisis 20 years from now,” said UT Physicians Post-COVID-19 Clinic physician Dr. Louise McCullough. “The next step is seeing, do the patients who have the worst brain shrinkage or volume loss have the worse memory?”

Long-term effects are not the only challenge right now. The new Delta Variant has proven to be twice as contagious and causes more severe illness than the previous strains, particularly in the unvaccinated ( 

This new surge highlights two problems in hospitals and the neurological market: staff shortages and contamination. 

“The real constraint isn’t beds — it’s people,” said Maryland Hospital Association President and CEO Bob Atlas ( 

The health care workforce is exhausted and there is a shortage of hospital staff. It’s not just the rise in the Delta Variant that is the cause for full hospitals and staffing issues, it also is the amount of people who had to put off critical care during the pandemic. Hospitals are simply busier. 

A second issue is that the Delta Variant is twice as contagious, increasing the risk of contamination from patient to staff or patient to patient. The longer a staff member stays with a patient, the higher the risk of infection. The more equipment that needs to be cleaned and reused between patients, the higher the risk of infection. 

When it comes to neurological services during COVID, Brain Scientific has solved these issues with its two FDA-cleared EEG technologies — the NeuroCap and the NeuroEEG. Easy to administer and disposable (the NeuroCap), these low-cost devices allow staff to provide EEGs at the patient’s bedside. Rather than the 30 to 45 minutes it takes to fit a traditional EEG, these pre-gelled disposable NeuroCap and portable wireless NeuroEEG devices take five minutes to set up. In addition, they provide access to testing in ER settings and hospitals that may not have 24/7 EEG support or any.

The Company also partners with researchers. Because it is not necessary to have medical training to fit the cap, researchers can also administer it. Data can be collected for more extended periods as the device is portable and worn for up to four hours. The process is also much simpler for the test subject, who does not have to sit through a lengthy setup phase or be constrained by the many wires that come with traditional EEGs.

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